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I have this whole movie memorized

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"You have a gift, Jack. You do. You see people."
"I see you."
"You wouldn't have jumped."

This scene makes me laugh as an adult:
"Let me show you a book of women I fucked around Europe. After I drew them, I IMMEDIATELY LOST INTEREST IN THEM."
"Right away?"
"Right away."

And to prove that I'm right, near the end of the movie, when she jumps back on the boat to be with him, and he's asking her why she's so fucking stupid, she says: "You jump, I jump. Right?"
That's supposed to be an echo of what he told her to stop her from committing suicide. (...Oh...right.) But he has this LOOK in his face where you know he just does NOT fucking remember saying that to her. Sort of the look a boyfriend has on his face when you buy him a DVD box set of something. ("You said you liked No Reservations." "Oh...right....sure." "No, you did, you really did, when we were at Jason's house." "I, uh, yeah, no, I do, I do.")
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