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#1 Crush: A list of My Most Devastating Crushes

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The good, the bad, the always embarrassing.
And this is a good way to distract myself from the agony of a ruptured cyst.

1. Professor Severus Snape

The man who started it all, in my opinion. I was ten when I first read the books and was in love with the type of man I had never personally seen (and still haven't): dark, cynical, brooding, stylish, and thoughtful. And seeing him on the screen at eleven: I swear, that moment made me a woman.

2. Jim Morrison

When I was little, I thought I would grow up and all the little boys in my class would turn into Jim Morrison. I loved the writer of "Light My Fire", and he sang me through middle school with "People Are Strange."

3. Luke Skywalker

I had a read-along Star Wars book, and I used to stare at the beauty that was Mark Hamil. That hair. I also liked his karate outfit. And his robot friends. No one was angrier than I was when Leia turned out to be his sister and they couldn't be the couple I played out with my Barbies. Fuck. This.

4. Alan Rickman

This man's voice and hands took me out of childhood. While other little girls wrote Oliver Wood's name on their diaries, I was in the throes of love for Alan Rickman. I actually have this picture signed somewhere in my room. When I was fifteen, I saw him in a production of Private Lives and stole a piece of paper he ripped to shreds from the stage. I still have that as well.

5. Mr. Darcy

I think this picture says it all.
Mr. Darcy taught me a lot about the male nature.
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