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What is this, a free-for-all of facts? Why don't you learn to keep a secret!

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I forgot that I'm half Irish, and that when our kind suddenly decide that they like being outside all the time, it means we turn into Gingers.
Literally, this was my reaction to finding my cheeks and nose covered in freckles and my hair turned auburn.
This is why I work in genetics. Someday, I will help find the cure for this.
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surprised surprised
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you're moving to boston?


eh, maybe

i'm going visiting this weekend

going to a friend's concert in some club

and will make another attempt to woo a friend of mine


we're adults now. sooner or later we have to admit that we can't make people be attracted to us.







yeah, mostly its just figuring out if she's in town, the rest has largely worked itself out

i'm just not around enough to make things work


just take a running leap into her pussy

like a slip n slide


or at least not enough to bother making the effort

did that

soooooo sweet

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And True Blood has been mired in suck lately. The hell did this turn into Maury for Mythical Creatures?
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Man: "So, what's your background?"
Me: "Like...research...background?"
Man: "No, like, what's your background?"
Me: ".........Desktop?"
Man: "No, like I'm German and Italian."


Fucking, who asks that?

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Such a fan.
Not that I'm not already one of Snape's biggest fans ever. Snape wasn't my first crush. He was my first love. You know how many big-nosed men I dated because of Snape? All of them.

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This sweater really is Kirk yellow. 

"Kirk out, bitches."

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(I know, let's put on some Placebo for this one.)
I'm at my normal vegetarian food truck, and the cute (tattooed blonde Adrien Brody) guy that I like there gives me a cd.
Of his band.
And on a burned CD.
And he handmade the cover art by clipping out pictures of a magazine and putting them together.

I know, how many times have you rolled your eyes reading this?

Watching all those A&E specials on serial killers has ruined how I perceive male attention.
Damn you, Ted Bundy.

But anyway.
That's so corny that it's either the biggest fucking act ever or it's pathetic sweet.

Now what?

How do you even trust someone not in your class or someone you met at a party enough to date them?
Come on, Tegan and Sara, put out a song about that milestone.

EDIT: It's cool, guys, the CD sucked. Phew!
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Now do Richard Burton. DO IT.
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